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Individuals with criminal records have significant challenges to face when trying to enter the workforce after incarceration or a felony conviction.  



To help overcome these challenges, each NCWorks Career Center has staff who specialize in working with individuals with criminal records and getting them into the job market.  In addition to the services provided to all job seekers at a Career Center, individuals with a criminal record have access to the following additional services:



  • Help with writing resumes and a “letter of explanation” detailing their criminal record and/or incarceration detailing rehabilitation efforts.
  • Knowledge about employers' policies concerning hiring individuals with a criminal record.
  • Workshops specific to addressing concerns of individuals with criminal records.
  • Referrals to community organizations that assist individuals with criminal records.
  • Information on Federal Bonding and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.


Career Centers Staff work to develop a network of organizations, including federal, state, and local providers of reentry services, including community- and faith-based organizations, and vocational rehabilitation centers, to assist the job seeker.


Individuals with criminal records may be referred to their Regional Reentry Specialist after being registered in NCWorks at their local NCWorks Career Center.