Prepare for your 1st job or change to a new one

Tips and Tools

đź’ˇ A job search is challenging but being organized and having a plan can help move the process along and relieve stress. Find some tips and items to gather.

âś… Once you are organized, understanding the different methods of searching for a job is important. A mixture of methods is sometimes needed to achieve the best outcome.

🎯 Once you identify interesting positions, you will need to indicate interest in the position through submitting a resume or an application. Learn what should be included.

đź’° The concept of a total compensation package is important to understand when comparing job opportunities. Learn the value of perks and benefits offered by employers beyond a paycheck.

Find a Career Advisor

Counseling and tools available for those trying to find a job, improve their skills and prepare for interviews. Career Centers are located across the state.

NC’s Colleges and Universities have experienced counselors and advisors to help with a job search and career exploration. Visit the career center or search the website for more information. 

Professionals with the Divisions of Employment and Independence for People with Disabilities (EIPD) and Services for the Blind assist individuals to find jobs and manage their careers.

NC’s 58 Community Colleges have resources they offer to students and alumni. Find out what is offered at your school.

Career Development Coordinators (CDCs) within the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department and School Counselors within Student Services are available to help Middle and High School…

Workers with Disabilities

Understand what a disability is and what are your rights as a person with a disability. 

Understand how to answer questions related to your disability.

Understand how, where and when to talk to your employer about your disability.

Many jobs are available to you with accommodations. 

ApprenticeshipNC works to fill a talent pipeline


ApprenticeshipNC, offered by NC Community Colleges, works to fill a talent pipeline with work-ready, skilled talent.  This is accomplished through working with NC businesses with apprenticeships.  Through apprenticeships, employers can reduce operational costs by establishing a streamlined channel to bring on new workers and advance existing workers while students can earn increasing wages while they learn a n in demand skilled trade at a local Community College.


Learn more about ApprenticeshipNC