Cover Letter

When you forward a resume, be sure to submit a cover letter as well, unless you are specifically asked not to.  A well-written cover letter will tell the recipient what job you are applying for and provide a quick summary of what knowledge and skills you bring to the position.  It also serves as a writing sample, so be sure to be clear and concise, proofread for proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.

An effective cover letter:

  • Is no more than one page and typed neatly on good quality paper
  • Is addressed to a specific person, if you don’t have a specific name use ‘Dear Hiring Manager’, ‘Dear Recruiter’ or Dear hiring Manager’ to open the letter
  • States how you heard about the position
  • Is tailored to a specific position in a specific organization, discussing how your qualification match the job requirements
  • Demonstrates your knowledge of the job